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for water, surf and wind-sports films spanning bodyboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, SUPing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, foiling, and winging.

Capture, Edit, Submit Your Story!

2023 Call For Film Submissions NOW OPEN!

Welcome to the 7th annual 2023 Great Lakes Surf Film Festival!

This international surf film festival accepts and features surf and wind-sport films from around the world. It has evolved from a once only local freshwater lake surf film festival to an international surf film festival accepting all surf and wind-sports films. The purpose of this surf film festival is to tap into the spirit of watersports enthusiasts, that stoke we all know of, to bring like minded folks in and around the Great Lakes together.

We are now accepting any short films (under 10 minutes) made about bodyboarding, surfing, SUP-ing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, winging and foiling around the world! This film festival is open to amateurs and professionals, from home surf and wind-sports videos to professional surf and wind-sports documentaries and films. Capture, edit, and submit your story. Share with us what is going on in your community and neck of the woods. Come share and celebrate with us!

Submissions will be accepted until the middle of Novembetr 2023. The event will be a Thursday evening at Patagonia Toronto on November 23 2023. Save the date! Get your tickets! Available soon. Limited capacity 75 persons seating. Special musical guests during intermission. Going to be a fun evening.

2022 Film Festival Teaser featuring surf and wind-sports films
clip of the 2019 event and Canadian Premiere of White Rhino by Brent Storm
clip of the 2020 fully online sofa surfing event with awards and highlights



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