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Worth is a global media platform connecting a community that embraces worth beyond wealth. We inspire and inform this community of successful and influential individuals to be their best selves and make an impact on the world. We achieve this through a regular roster of event programming and cross-platform content for our key communities—including online events, feature articles, reports, partner content, podcasts, video, summits, and intimate dinners.

At Worth, we actively work for a more inclusive and equal society through our content and our programs. We seek diversity of gender, race, experience, opinion, and background in all of the content we produce. Any single event can rarely achieve this goal—so we work hard to reach it through the sum of what we do.

Chair: Jim McCann  |  CEO: Josh Kampel   | President: Paul Stamoulis   | Editorial Director: Dan Costa

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Our global headquarters are located at 155 East 44th Street, 18th Floor, New York, New York 10017, United States

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