Worthy 100 2023

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By Seán Captain, Dan Costa, Kirsten Cluthe, Eva Crouse, Gabrielle Doré, Marshall Honorof, Ruthie Kornblatt-Stier, & Martine Paris

This year’s Worthy 100 list supports our mission to elevate individuals using their talent, wealth, and influence to generate positive impacts. By highlighting the voices and choices of those working to create change, we hope to do our part.

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The highest-grossing solo female director of all time, Greta Gerwig's take on the iconic doll, Barbie, has sparked the important conversation around how rampant sexism continues to be throughout society.

Lewis Hamilton 2022 São Paulo Grand Prix (52498120773) (cropped) (1)

At the height of his success, Sir Lewis Hamilton has turned his attention to Education to empower underserved youth with STEM programs via his foundation, Mission 44.

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The first Black person in history to receive the Rhodes, Truman, and Udall Scholarships, Wawa Gatheru is the founder of the national nonprofit, black girl environmentalist. She focuses on educating and empowering Black girls and women across the climate movement

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Instrumental to negotiationg the Iran Nuclear Deal and key player in the creation of the Paris Agreement, John Kerry’s unwavering focus on arguably the most urgent global crisises of our time sets him apart.


There is much work to be done, and by highlighting the voices of individuals using their time, talent, and financial resources to make the world a better place, we hope to do our part.

Worthy 100 2023

We have set out to find the 100 people who have made the most significant impact on the world this year and have found innovators across various industries including art, entertainment, business, government, non-profits, and philanthropy.

We received more than a thousand nominations from our editorial staff, Worth readers, and last year’s Worthy 100 winners, and are pleased to present this year’s list of changemakers.

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