Power players in the National Football League (NFL) can do great things, both on and off the field. That’s why Leigh Steinberg and Cosmo DeNicola introduced the Steinberg DeNicola Humanitarian Awards in 2015. Each year, the two sports agents highlight a handful of NFL personalities—players, coaches, and supporting staff—who have contributed their time, money, and talents to charitable causes. This year’s roster of six winners includes a player from the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL’s first female coach.

Steinberg shared the list of winners in a LinkedIn post, while DeNicola highlighted them through his philanthropic Cosmo Cares website.

Leigh Steinberg Champions Ethics in Business, Sports, Health

Sports agent and philanthropist Leigh Steinberg believes that business and personal ethics should be one and the same.

This year’s first honoree was Kevin William, CEO and president of the Chicago Bears. Last year, Warren made a $1 million donation to the Lurie Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. In 2014, Warren’s sister passed away from brain cancer. Since then, he has wanted to help other individuals and families in similar situations. Warren and his wife also plan to continue their donations in the future.


Next up was Kordell Stewart, a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers between 1995 and 2002. Since retiring from football, Stewart has taken up golf. He launched the Service, Leadership, Venture, and Resource (SLVR) Classic golf tournament this year. The tournament raised money for the charitable Traillionaires organization, which helps impart valuable life and career skills to students of color.

Two personalities from the Arizona Cardinals received the Steinberg DeNicola Award this year. The first was Dr. Jen Welter, who became the first female coach in the NFL when she helped oversee the Cardinals in 2015. Welter’s charitable work also aims to provide more opportunities for women in American football. In 2017, she cofounded Grrridiron Girls Football Camps, where young women can sign up to refine their flag football skills.

Ava DuVernay: Groundbreaking Woman

Ava DuVernay’s exceptional success across her artistic and business accomplishments may be a key factor in pushing for change in the film industry.

Kelvin Beachum is an offensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals and a charitable world traveler. Last year, he traveled to the Republic of Zambia with the humanitarian group World Vision International. While there, he helped locals secure potable water and spoke about the importance of hygienic infrastructure.


Steinberg and DeNicola also selected Trey Smith as one of this year’s award recipients. Smith, a guard for the Kansas City Chiefs, has already helped win two Super Bowls. As of 2022, he is also a spokesman for the National Blood Clot Alliance. Smith lives with pulmonary emboli and aims to help other athletes who have to deal with the condition.

This year’s final honoree was Angela LaChica, who also received a “Hero Award” from Steinberg and DeNicola. LaChica is not an NFL employee, but her organization, LaChica Sports and Entertainment Group has worked closely with the NFL over the last two decades. She is also the managing director of Players Coalition, which aims to promote social justice and racial equality in sports and everyday civic life.

Steinberg and DeNicola select a new set of award recipients each February. Past recipients have included Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Colette V. Smith of the New York Jets.