As Miami gears up for the Formula 1 to return, attendees from around the world prepare not just for a race, but for an event celebrated as much for its glamor as its sport. This May, the Grand Prix will be an elite spectacle, which includes the Trophy House, a sanctuary of luxury and the pinnacle of trackside hospitality.

Situated perfectly at turn one, the Trophy House offers an unrivaled view, staring down the starting line, capturing every moment from the pulse-pounding start to the thrilling passes and dramatic finishes. 

In its second year, The Trophy House attracts an elite roster of individuals—from owners of professional sports teams and pioneering entrepreneurs to celebrated athletes, acclaimed artists, motorsport legends, high-fashion models, and Grammy-winning musicians. 

Trophy House at the Miami Grand Prix

Sean Wolfington, creator of the Trophy House, sums it up: “The best part of the Trophy House is the people. It’s a special group of extraordinary leaders from various sectors of society, from founders to athletes, artists to tech titans. Everyone adds to the soulful atmosphere.”


It’s not merely a viewing spot but an experience, with climate-controlled lounges, a rooftop deck, and private courtyards designed for the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Trophy House has created a seamless blend of top-tier gastronomy and luxury spirits for a truly immersive experience. Guests will indulge in a gourmet journey featuring premium cuts of meat, ocean-fresh fish, luxurious caviar selections, hand-spun crepes, distinctive artisan desserts, and gourmet vegan ice cream, complemented by an assortment of fine wines and spirits.

Fine dining will be provided by the sole two-star Michelin restaurant in the state, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon and the Michelin-Starred Le Jardinier, both part of The Bastion Collection, one of the  global leaders in the highest number of Michelin stars for a hospitality group with a collective 9 stars since 2019.

Fine spirits will be presented by Diageo Rare & Exceptional with a Tequila Don Julio lounge, a beautifully designed whisky garden destination featuring rare offerings from Johnnie Walker, Lagavulin, Oban, Crown Royal and more, as well as daily spirits tastings led by National Luxury Ambassador, Ewan Morgan will showcasing the breadth of Diageo’s luxury offerings.


Post-race, the atmosphere shifts as Grammy-winning artists take the stage. Curated by Grammy Award winning artist, Luis Fonsi, guests can celebrate and revel in the music after a day of high-speed excitement.

The Trophy House redefines motorsport luxury, blending top-tier hospitality with spectacular entertainment and exclusive access, making it the ultimate destination for Formula 1 fans and beyond. With its blend of luxury, adrenaline, and cultural flair, the Trophy House stands out as a beacon of premium experiences at the Miami Grand Prix, promising an unforgettable time for every guest.

Worth is a proud partner of Trophy House. If you are interested in learning about getting involved or joining the event, please email [email protected]