February 14th can feel surprisingly high-pressure, whether it’s the first time you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other or the 30th. And even if “gift giving” is not one of your love languages, you are probably not exempt from participation. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. From timeless jewelry pieces that will last a lifetime to thoughtful gadgets to brighten their day—like these prehistoric whiskey stones—this list has something for everyone. 

Scentbox Luxury Cologne & Perfume Subscription



Scents are super personal. So, it can be daunting to choose a new one for somebody else. A cologne subscription allows you to avoid spending $200 for a bottle that lives untouched on a shelf gathering dust. If your person is interested in exploring luxury fragrances or is on the hunt for their signature scent, we recommend Scentbox. With the gift of a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription, your recipient can fill their monthly scent calendar with their selections from over 1000 original designer scents. A 30-day supply will be delivered to their door in a small, chic bottle that will last until their next selection arrives. 


Prehistoric Whiskey Stones


One of the best parts of having a whiskey lover in your life is that this spirit comes with lots of accessory options. Whiskey stones are a fun choice. Their function is to chill the drink without watering it down, and these prehistoric ones from Uncommon Goods add an additional twist. Kim B. Deland and Stephane Gagnon roam Quebec to find nonporous, metamorphic (meaning they got squished by lots of pressure or heat) stones that originated during the formation of the North American continent, 940 million years ago. After extracting these stones, the pair carves the samples into small cubes suitable for cocktails, which can be conveniently kept in the freezer to chill whiskey, brandy, and other amber-hued spirits.

52650 WhiskeyStones

Ode À La Rose Bouquets


ode a la rose

If you’re looking for a classic gesture for the lady (or gent) in your life, flowers are perfect. However, if you want to compete with their latest fantasy romance novel series, you probably need to step up your game—or at least make a few modifications. Rather than going for the classic—a dozen red roses—check out the stunning selection available for delivery at Ode À La Rose. Pairing one of their gorgeous flower arrangements with a sweet treat (or two) may be a cliché, but including a thoughtful, homemade card can go a long way. You’re not going to want to forget the treat—a recent study from Drexel University found that women respond more positively to romantic gestures on a full stomach than an empty one. It turns out that the way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach. 

David Yurman Classic Cable Heart Station Bracelet


DY heart Bracelet
Photo via David Yurman

Heart-shaped jewelry is often overdone on Valentine’s Day. It can look cheap if it’s not high quality or if it’s too glaring. (Sorry. I said it.) But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done right. The Classic Cable Heart Station Bracelet from David Yurman is just that—a classic. As their artist signature, the cable bracelet is a staple in any lux jewelry collection. This one is made from sterling silver with an 18k yellow gold heart and will remind your loved one of the occasion every time they wear the subtle, elegant piece. 


Ororo Heated Vest


It’s hard to have a nice time when you’re really, really cold. And some people naturally run colder than others. If your sweetheart is one of these people, do everyone a favor and skip the bulk pack of hand warmers. The Ororo Heated Vest is a battery-powered, lightweight vest with four carbon fiber heating systems sewn into the lining. The elements generate heat across the collar, mid-back, and tummy for core-body warmth. Plus, it has pockets

Ororo Heated Vest

Dieux Forever Eye Masks


The problem with skincare gifts is that most people have their routine down pat, and trying new products can lead to breakouts, bumpy texture, or irritation. That is why the Dieux Forever Eye Masks are a great choice for the person who loves the ritual of self-care. Rather than tampering with their routine, these eye masks simply enhance the effectiveness of the products they already use. Sealing in the moisturizer, serum, gel, or eye cream of their choice, the masks ensure optimal absorption, boost collagen production and moisture barrier—which protects from UV and pollution. Plus, they are reusable and non-slip. Simply run the silicone masks under the tap after use and store them in a cool, dry place. 

The Modern Mixtape (for Spotify)


Burning CDs or recording mixtapes with the hottest new tracks that make you think of your loved one may be a thing of the past. But it doesn’t mean the cheesy art of curating a selection of songs has to die with the rise of streaming platforms. This keychain from Etsy is a modern mixtape, with a barcode that, when scanned, will take you directly to a Spotify playlist of your choice. Even though it is easy to text someone a link, giving your lovable audiophile a physical connection to your digital gift is a great way to show them some extra care. Plus, if your relationship is on the newer side, this is a good way to keep it casual while still showing genuine effort. 

Modern Mixtape

Heart Lab Diamond Stud Earrings


Heart Shaped Diamond Studs
Photo via Brilliant Earth

Diamond studs are a quintessential staple of any collection. And there’s no such thing as having too many pairs of them. This set of heart-shaped, lab-grown diamond studs from Brilliant Earth is another example of heart-shaped jewelry done right. Subtle enough to be worn every day, and high-quality enough to last a lifetime, this sustainable brand offers a great option for the person in life you want to spoil this year. 

Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder


Shower Wine

It’s hard to improve on the bubble bath, but Uncommon Goods found a way. Rather than perching your glass of Cabernet on the slippery side of the tub, rest assured that you won’t end up with broken glass on your floor with the Bathtime Essential Wine Holder. This gadget fixes to the wall with suction and keeps your glass secure while you soak, jam out to your favorite playlist (maybe accessed through a digital mixtape), or peruse that saucy beach read. Pair this gift with a Lush Bath Bomb and you will make anyone’s day. 

Rex Supply Co. Ambassador Adjustable Safety Razor


Rex Razor
Photo via Rex Supply Co.

Anything related to self-care represents the ritual time we take out of our day to pamper ourselves. Typically, we think of face masks and skincare, but what about shaving? This safety razor is designed to meet anyone’s needs with a choice of 13-blade gaps ranging from 0.3mm to 1.32mm. Available in four finishes—stainless steel, gold, and rhodium—the Rex Supply Co. Ambassador Safety Razor is the perfect addition for anyone looking to upgrade their shaving experience. 

Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock


There are few things better than waking up to the smell of coffee. The aroma instantly takes the edge off the jarring experience of exiting the surrealist realm between dreams and reality. Available in black or white, the Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock from Joy Resolve is just what it sounds like. And while it may seem like a gimmick, I can assure you it is absolutely lovely. Removing the chilly morning scamper to the kitchen from your daily routine and instead starting with a steaming mug from bed is a luxury worth gifting. It doesn’t count as enabling a caffeine addiction if it’s self-care, right? 

Coffee Clock

JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 14 Pickleball Paddle


Pickleball paddle

If pickleball is their thing, upgrading your honey’s gear is a fun way to support their hobby. Crafted for maximum spin, the Joola Perseus CFS 14 Pickleball Paddle has a grippy, textured surface that delivers impressive power and pop. Its “sweet spot optimization” expands the hitting area, fostering a stronger connection between player and paddle. With a carbon-framed design, the paddle is extremely durable and lightweight. 

L.L. Bean’s Heritage Soft Cotton Fisherman Sweater


Who doesn’t love a cable knit? Beyond being warm and cozy, there is something undeniably appealing about the rustic look. If the fisherman-off-duty style is your thing, this is just as much a gift for you as your man. L.L. Bean’s rendition of the fisherman sweater is super soft and is made of machine-washable cotton. This is a great way to show your S.O. some love without breaking the bank. 

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater

{THE AND} Couples Game Night Bundle


FriendsDating002 Perspective

This card game has a question on every card that is designed to help you discover new facets of your partner. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a captivating exercise designed to unearth shared interests and unique differences. Featuring almost 400 thoughtfully curated questions, each set fosters meaningful conversations and strengthens connections. The bundle includes both Friends and Dating editions, offering a fresh perspective on anyone you’d like to know better.